MS in Engineering (Concentration in Automotive Systems)

Home Department: Mechanical Engineering

Program Advisor/Contact: 

Bassem Ramadan, Ph.D.
Room 2-103 MC, 810-762-7992

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Engineering is a professional master's program that builds on an undergraduate engineering program by offering additional depth and greater mastery in a number of technical areas.

Program Objectives

The Automotive Systems concentration is intended for individuals who desire a deeper understanding and knowledge of the engineering operations of various systems on vehicles. Courses range from powertrain and engine components to design for safety and comfort. Students select courses from a structured framework in order to customize a program that best meets their individual and career needs.

To receive the M.S. degree a student in the ME graduate program must complete 40 credit hours of graduate work. There are two plans to choose from:

  • Plan A (consists of course work, research, and a thesis)
  • Plan B (consists of only course work)

SAE/Kettering University Partnership

Students who have up to eight (8) Continuing Education Units (CEU) from approved SAE seminars may be eligible to transfer those CEU’s into the Automotive Systems Masters or Certificate program. For more information you may contact Dr. Bassem Ramadan in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Program Curriculum Requirements

Completion of 40 credits as follows:

Program of Study

Required Courses
MECH-600Engineering Mathematics with Applications4
Select at least four courses from the 500 level list below16
Select at least five courses from the 600 level list below (or three courses and a Thesis)20
Total Credit Hours40

 500 Level Course Electives   (Course prerequisites must be observed.)

MECH-526Fuel Cell Science & Engineering4
MECH-540Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Power Systems4
MECH-542Chassis System Design4
MECH-546Vehicle Systems Dynamics4
MECH-550Automotive Bioengineering: Occupant Protection and Safety4
MECH-551Vehicular Crash Dynamics and Accident Reconstruction4
MECH-5XXOne 500-level technical elective4
MECH-541Advanced Automotive Power Systems4
MECH-544Introduction to Automotive Powertrains4
MECH-545Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion4

600 Level Course Electives     (Course prerequisites must be observed.)

MECH-621Applied Transport Phenomena4
MECH-641Combustion & Emissions4
MECH-643Noise, Vibration & Harshness4
MECH-6XXTwo 600-level technical electives8