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Second Master's Degree

Pursuing a Second Master's Degree

Graduates of Kettering University’s MS and MBA programs are encouraged to pursue a second master's degree subject to the following policies.

  • Students pursue a single master's degree at a time. Students desiring a second master's degree must complete the application.
  • To earn a second master's degree, students must complete all degree requirements for the degree. In so doing, students must complete additional credit hours equal to a minimum of 40% of the second degree’s requirements:
    • For MBA (or MS) graduates pursuing a 10 course MS degree – minimum of four additional courses (16 credits).
    • For MS graduates pursuing a 10 course MBA degree – minimum of four additional courses (16 credits).
    • For students interested in pursing an MS in Mobility Systems or Mechanical Engineering as the 2nd degree, students must:
      • Meet ALL requirements for the program. The minimum amount of additional graduate work to meet these requirements is 24 credit hours (for those students who choose the graduate thesis option - four courses plus eight hours of graduate thesis). Students who do not elect the graduate thesis option will need to complete an additional 28 credit hours.
      • MECH-600 (4 credits) is required for both engineering graduate programs. However students only need to complete it once. For example, if MECH-600 was completed during the first Masters degree program, students are not required to take it again as part of the second graduate degree program.
      • Two graduate level courses (8 credits) from the first Masters degree can be applied to the second Masters degree program assuming the courses are eligible core or elective graduate program courses. A third graduate level course from the first graduate degree program may also be applied provided that A) the student elects to pursue a Masters thesis option in the second Masters degree program and B) the third course is also an appropriate core or elective course in the second Masters degree program.
  • In order to gain maximum advantage from prior course work, graduates must apply for their second master’s degree within three years of graduating from their first-degree program. The admission committee will review applications beyond the three-year time limit to establish the relevancy of their course work. Students in this case may be required to complete more than 40% of the second degree’s requirements.
  • Students may request to transfer in a maximum of eight credits to Kettering University for use in their graduate studies. Pursuit of a second master’s degree does not raise this limit. Transfer credit is only considered for courses with a grade of B or better.
  • Students must successfully complete all prescribed courses within the six (6) year limit. A student who anticipates not meeting the time limit must notify the Graduate Office at least six (6) months prior to the expiration of the six (6) year limit.