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CE-620  Microcomputer Systems    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
The architectural features, design principles, development tools and techniques of advanced embedded microcomputers are covered in this advanced level course. The topics include architectures of contemporary 16-bit and 32-bit RISC microcontrollers (considering Microchip PIC24 and PIC32 as example cases for the practical development experiences), instruction set, addressing modes, software development & debugging, parallel and serial interfacing, interrupts, timer module, ADC module, etc.; The course has a strong laboratory component, which will be carried out on a microcomputer development kit with the latest family of 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers. Students will also complete independent projects or research assigned by the instructor on topics such as low-power micro architectures and power-aware computing.
Lecture: 3, Lab 2, Other 0