Undergraduate Catalog

Kettering University allows students to major in experience through its unique and innovative co-operative education model. Students at Kettering split their time between three-month academic and co-op terms. This allows students to almost immediately apply what they learn in the classroom at their co-op employment position. 

All aspects of learning are investigated and integrated to create an ongoing and all-encompassing educational journey. Each semester, whether engaged within a classroom (guided by professors, advisers, and fellow students) or in an employer setting (aided by co-op managers and employer mentors), students follow a cyclic process to gain the valuable experience needed to graduate and earn employment in their desired field.

The Kettering track record speaks for itself, with alumni who became founders, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and vice presidents of companies such as: Merrill Lynch, General Motors, Walmart, Gap, FedEx, Indy Motor Speedway, Detroit Labs, Hurley Medical Center, Biomet Inc., Gibson Guitars and The Weather Company, just to name a few.

These alumni came to Kettering at different times and pursued different degrees, but one thing they have in common is that they were prepared to be leaders. They were prepared to be entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Their success was Kettering built.

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