MS in Engineering (Concentration in Mechanical Engineering)

Home Department: Mechanical Engineering

Available: On Campus Only

Program Advisor/Contact:
Dr. Bassem Ramadan
Room 2-103 MC, 810-762-7992

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Engineering is a professional master’s program that builds on an undergraduate engineering program by offering additional depth and greater mastery in a number of technical areas. 

Program Objectives

All graduates of the Master of Science in Engineering program will:

  • Deepen their knowledge and increase their mastery of technical areas that match their personal career goals.
  • Be better prepared to advance in positions of technical and/or managerial leadership.
  • Develop their ability to sustain a life-long career in engineering, through continuing self-directed learning and professional development activities.

This program allows students to develop their own curriculum within a structured framework for the purpose of customizing a degree to meet his/her own needs and career objectives. The student will receive a Master’s degree upon completion of ten (10) courses within the program. This program has a thesis option.

Mechanical Engineering Concentration Program Curriculum Requirements

Completion of 40 credits as follows:

Program of Study

Required Courses
MECH-600Engineering Mathematics with Applications4
Select up to four courses from 500 level list below16
Select at least five courses from the 600 level list below (Or three courses and Thesis)20
Total Credit Hours40

500 Level Course Electives   (Course prerequisites must be observed.)

MECH-516Introduction to Finite Element Analysis with Structural Applications4
MECH-526Fuel Cell Science & Engineering4
MECH-527Energy and the Environment4
MECH-528Bio and Renewable Energy Lab4
MECH-582Mechanics and Design Simulation of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials4
MECH-5XXTwo 500 Level Technical Electives8

600 Level Course Electives     (Course prerequisites must be observed.)

MECH-610Mechanics of Materials I: Linear Elasticity4
MECH-611Mechanics of Material II: Nonlinear Elastic-Plastic Behavior4
MECH-615Engineering Optimization4
MECH-621Applied Transport Phenomena4
MECH-626Hydrogen Generation, Storage and Safety4
MECH-627Green Energy Conversion4
MECH-6XXTwo 600 Level Technical Electives8