Kettering University Online

The 2016-2017 Academic Year celebrates the growth of Online programs through Kettering University Online (KUO). These courses are offered along with our high quality campus-based graduate programs. Several of the Distance Learning programs have transitioned to the Kettering University platform. While there are still several programs that are offered in the Distance Learning format (Masters in Business Administration and Master of Science in Engineering), the majority of Online programs have transitioned to KUO.

The Kettering University Online platform places an emphasis on enhanced student interactions, including a professional advisor for support throughout the program. The format for each course has been redesigned to promote more interactivity within the classes, to ensure comprehensive learning. KUO courses are taught in a shorter interval (six to eight week courses). The course learning objectives and the value to the degree and education remain from the previous Distance Learning model – but the educational impact is designed to be stronger.

Currently, Kettering University Online offers the Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing program, the Master of Science in Engineering Management and Master of Science in Operations Management.  Both the Masters in Engineering Management and Operations Management also have campus-based options available. Kettering University continues to meet the needs of our students through a range of options that not only employ best practices but continue to offer quality, rigorous programs that align with our reputation as a one of the best Engineering and Business schools in the country.

Thank-you for your interest and participation in graduate education at Kettering University.