Business Administration

Home Department: School of Management

Dean of School of Management: Michael Smith, Ph.D.

Program Director: Kenneth Williams, Ph.D.

Room 4-304 AB, 810-762-9630

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree is focused on creating technology savvy business leaders of the future.

In order to accomplish our mission, the School of Management must focus on producing effective managers who are thought leaders. Our students must be performance-focused and technology savvy. Further, our students need to be well versed in the fundamental management functions of leading, coordinating, allocating and monitoring organizational activities and resources.

The School of Management is passionate about our students having a range of opportunities for experiential learning.

This includes:

  • Leveraging the co-op experience in preparing students to facilitate the idea development process and perform basic analyses.

  • Utilizing our on-campus resources through the Small Business Development Center to give students guidance on entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Connecting with community organizations to challenge our knowledge, learn from real-world experiences, and contribute through business consulting.

  • Project based learning in and outside of the classroom.

In addition to a range of opportunities for international educational opportunities, the BSBA offers the opportunity to study abroad.  Business students wishing to study abroad have the opportunity to attend classes held in English at partner universities in Germany.  The program is one term in length, normally the Senior 1(SR1) term, and takes place during the fall term. Students interested in studying abroad need to make their decision no later than the Junior 1 (JR1) term and discuss their intentions with their academic advisor.  Additional information is available from the School of Management and the Kettering University Office of International Programs.

The School of Management also offers two minors available to students not majoring in Business: the Business Minor and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor.

The Business Minor provides students not majoring in Business with a strong base in the functional areas of business and one elective course.  It also fulfills prerequisites for the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Engineering Management, and Master of Science in Operations Management programs offered at Kettering University.  In many cases, courses in the business minor will serve prerequisite needs for MBA programs at other institutions.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor is designed for students interested in starting their own business or leading the creation of new ideas in an existing business.

The BSBA program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The BSBA prepares students to become dynamic leaders by coupling traditional business subjects with the ability to interact with technical colleagues and having the soft skills that enable them to lead projects and programs.  The BSBA program provides the strong analytical base needed to analyze managerial, operations, and marketing data.


Program Learning Outcomes

School of Management graduates will...

1.   Be knowledgeable about business.
2.   Be effective communicators.
3.   Understand the importance of ethical conduct.
4.   Display effective membership and leadership in a team environment.
5.   Be aware of the global nature of business.
6.   Be aware of the role of technology in business success.
7.   Be able to craft plans displaying problem solving and the decision making that supports business success.


Business Administration Program Curriculum Requirements

First Year Experience
CILE-101First Year Foundations1
General Education
COMM-101Written & Oral Communication I4
COMM-301Written & Oral Communication II4
ECON-201Economic Principles4
LS-201Sophomore Seminar: Exploring the Human Condition4
LS-489Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues4
Advanced Humanities Elective4
Advanced Comm, Humanities or Social Science Elective4
Advanced Social Science Elective4
Credit Hours Subtotal: 33
Engineering, Mathematics and Science
MATH-100College Mathematics 14
or MATH-191 Mathematics Special Topics
MATH-101Calculus I4
or MATH-291 Mathematics Special Topics
Basic Science Elective4
Science or Engineering Elective4
Credit Hours Subtotal: 16
Business Core
BUSN-101Business Decision Making4
BUSN-102Intro to Business Methods4
BUSN-152Information Systems4
BUSN-211Management Concepts4
BUSN-212Organizational Behavior4
BUSN-221Financial Accounting4
BUSN-222Managerial Accounting4
BUSN-271Statistics for Business4
BUSN-272Quantitative Business Analysis4
BUSN-331Financial Management4
BUSN-332Financial Markets4
BUSN-341Introduction to Marketing4
BUSN-342Product Marketing Management4
BUSN-361Lean Operations Management4
BUSN-362Lean Supply Chain Management4
BUSN-371Business Analytics4
BUSN-382Introduction to Strategy2
BUSN-383Strategy Integration I2
BUSN-401International Business4
BUSN-402Business Law4
BUSN-411Project Management4
BUSN-482Advanced Strategy2
BUSN-483Strategy Integration II2
BUSN-484Business Design Project4
ECON-342Intermediate Microeconomics: Managerial Economics4
or ECON-344 Intermediate Macroeconomics: Economic Growth and Fluctuation
Credit Hours Subtotal: 92
Business ElectivesAny business courses for which the student has the prerequisites8
Free ElectivesAny course for which the student has the prerequisites8
Credit Hours Subtotal: 16
Culminating Undergraduate Experience
CILE-400Culminating Undergraduate Experience: Thesis 24
Total Credit Hours161

(Minimum) Total Credits Required for Program: 161


Students placing into MATH-101 will take an engineering/math/science elective in place of MATH-100/MATH-191


Students are automatically registered for CILE-400 in a co-op term when they reach Junior II status. 

Representative Program

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman ICredit Hours
CILE-101 First Year Foundations 1
BUSN-101 Business Decision Making 4
College Mathematics 1
or Mathematics Special Topics
COMM-101 Written & Oral Communication I 4
Science Elective 4
 Credit Hours17
Freshman II
BUSN-102 Intro to Business Methods 4
BUSN-152 Information Systems 4
Calculus I
or Mathematics Special Topics
ECON-201 Economic Principles 4
 Credit Hours16
Sophomore I
BUSN-211 Management Concepts 4
BUSN-221 Financial Accounting 4
BUSN-271 Statistics for Business 4
LS-201 Sophomore Seminar: Exploring the Human Condition 4
 Credit Hours16
Sophomore II
BUSN-212 Organizational Behavior 4
BUSN-222 Managerial Accounting 4
BUSN-272 Quantitative Business Analysis 4
Advanced Comm., Humanities or Social Science Elective 4
 Credit Hours16
Junior I
BUSN-341 Introduction to Marketing 4
BUSN-331 Financial Management 4
BUSN-361 Lean Operations Management 4
BUSN-371 Business Analytics 4
COMM-301 Written & Oral Communication II 4
 Credit Hours20
Junior II
BUSN-342 Product Marketing Management 4
BUSN-332 Financial Markets 4
BUSN-362 Lean Supply Chain Management 4
BUSN-382 Introduction to Strategy 2
BUSN-383 Strategy Integration I 2
Elective 4
 Credit Hours20
Senior I
BUSN-411 Project Management 4
BUSN-401 International Business 4
Free Elective 4
Advanced Humanities or Advanced Social Science Elective 4
 Credit Hours16
Senior II
BUSN-402 Business Law 4
BUSN-482 Advanced Strategy 2
BUSN-483 Strategy Integration II 2
Intermediate Microeconomics: Managerial Economics
or Intermediate Macroeconomics: Economic Growth and Fluctuation
Free Elective 4
Advanced Humanities or Advanced Social Science Elective 4
 Credit Hours20
Senior III
BUSN-484 Business Design Project 4
LS-489 Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues 4
Science or Econ Elective 4
Elective 4
 Credit Hours16
Any Term
CILE-400 Culminating Undergraduate Experience: Thesis 4
 Credit Hours4
 Total Credit Hours161

(Minimum) Total Credits Required for Program: 161


Students placing into MATH-101 will take an engineering/math/science elective in place of MATH-100/MATH-191