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General Education

As a part of their general education, all Kettering University undergraduate students are required to take the following courses:

*Writing Intensive Requirement:  At least two of the three 300 level electives must be designated as Writing Intensive.

COMM-101Written & Oral Communication I4
COMM-301Written & Oral Communication II4
ECON-201Economic Principles4
LS-201Sophomore Seminar: Exploring the Human Condition (Or previous earned credits in HUMN-201 AND SSCI-201.)4
LS-489Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues4
300 Level*Humanities Elective: ART, HUMN, LIT, PHIL4
300 Level*Social Science Elective: ECON, HIST, SOC, SSCI4
300 Level*Elective in one of the following disciplines: Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication.4
Total Credit Hours32

Courses eligible for 300 level humanities, communications, and social science elective credit include:

Communications Elective Courses (*Writing Intensive)
COMM-311Rhetorical Principles of Persuasion (*)4
COMM-313Rhetorical Principles of Public Speaking4
COMM-391Communications Special Topics4
Humanities Elective Courses (*Writing Intensive)
ART-305Art: Styles and Aesthetics (*)4
HUMN-391Special Topics in Humanities4
LIT-304American Literature and Philosophy (*)4
LIT-307Poetry: Substance and Structure (*)4
LIT-309The Literature of Multicultural America (*)4
LIT-310African American Literature (*)4
LIT-311Literatures of the African Diaspora (*)4
LIT-315Literature of the Fantastic (*)4
LIT-372Masterpieces of Literature (*)4
LIT-374Seminar on J.R.R. Tolkien (*)4
LIT-379The Plays of Shakespeare (*)4
LIT-391Literature Special Topics4
PHIL-373Philosophy (*)4
PHIL-378Moral and Ethical Philosophy (*)4
PHIL-391Philosophy Special Topics4
Social Science Elective Courses (*Writing Intensive)
ECON-342Intermediate Microeconomics: Managerial Economics4
ECON-344Intermediate Macroeconomics: Economic Growth and Fluctuation4
ECON-348History of Economic Thought4
ECON-350Comparative Economic Systems4
ECON-352International Economics4
ECON-391Economics Special Topics4
HIST-306International Relations (*)4
HIST-308America and the World (*)4
HIST-312History of Science (*)4
HIST-319The Rise of the Global Community4
HIST-320Modern Middle East (*)4
HIST-322Africa in the World Economy (*)4
HIST-391History Special Topics4
SOC-331Globalization in India and China: Comparative and Cross-Cultural Perspectives (*)4
SOC-332Contemporary Social Problems (*)4
SOC-333Global Social Movements4
SOC-334Ideologies and Politics4
SOC-335Analysis of Social Dissent (*)4
SOC-337Religion in Society (*)4
SOC-338Gender and Society (*)4
SOC-341Law, Politics, and Society (*)4
SOC-342Terrorism in the Modern World4
SOC-391Sociology Special Topics4
SSCI-310The Flint Water Crisis4
SSCI-314Technology and Sustainable Development (*)4
SSCI-391Social Science Special Topics4

Students wishing to study a topic within the humanities and social sciences not offered as a regular course may request that a liberal studies faculty member provide an independent study course. This independent study course may not serve as a substitute for any of the courses in the general education component, including the 300-level electives and senior seminar. Written approval must be given by the instructor and Liberal Studies department head and reach the Registrar’s Office no later than Friday, first week.

Besides the general education requirements, students are also able to broaden their education by choosing to use their free electives for courses beyond their majors. All Kettering University students, regardless of major, are entitled to take two courses in any area they choose. These free electives might be used to acquire a minor in a discipline within the Department of Liberal Studies.