Undergraduate Tuition and Fees


The current tuition, fees, and  other charges are listed below.  The Student Accounts Office sends an e-mail notification to your Kettering e-mail when your official bill is ready to view in Banner Self Service  (approximately one month prior to the term). All invoiced amounts are due by the beginning of each academic term and all financial aid arrangements must be made by the end of the first day of classes.

We have teamed with Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) to enable you to pay your education expenses through an online payment site - NBS Payments. NBS gives you the option of making a single payment or to sign up for a payment plan. Payments are processed via direct debit from a bank account or credit card. Please visit NBS Payments for more information.

A $300 late fee will be added to accounts which have not been paid in full by 4:00 p.m. fourth week Friday of each academic term. Financial aid is available for students with a demonstrated need; sources of aid are discussed in the Financial Aid section of this catalog. 

Note for International Students:  Payment of the total balance due must be made by 4:00 p.m. third week Friday of each academic term. Students who do not comply with this policy will be dropped and separated from the University. The separated students' visa program will be terminated in SEVIS by fourth week Wednesday.


For purposes of determining financial aid, a full academic load at Kettering University is considered to be 15 credit hours. Kettering University has a fixed rate tuition and fee plan for full-time students. Simply put, Kettering students and their parents will be able to rely upon the tuition rate at the University remaining level for the duration of each student’s full-time study at Kettering. The tuition rate is inclusive of all tuition-related University fees. Please visit Undergraduate Fixed Rate Tuition for the entire policy.

Our reason for “fixing” tuition was simple – to take away the guesswork involved in college costs. The Kettering fixed tuition plan means that college costs for the entire program are predictable. Rather than giving you a quick one year peek at college costs, we give you the complete picture. While other universities will likely raise tuition every year (creating significant cost increases over the time to a degree), at Kettering, those costs will remain stable. 

Simultaneously, we are affirming our commitment to providing superb undergraduate programs in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business with a rigorous experiential education component. We are dedicated to ensuring every element of your education here is rooted in excellence – whether in the classroom, laboratories, on the playing fields or in the gym.

The following provides you with a listing of tuition and other rates which will be in effect at Kettering University during the 2018-2019 school year which runs from July 2018 through June 2019:

Tuition Rates

Full-time, 15-22 credit hours, per term

Entering Class 2018-2019 $21,745
Returning Students 2017-2018 $21,245
Returning Students 2016-2017 $19,895
Returning Students 2015-2016 $19,215
Returning Students 2014-2015 $18,490

Part-time, less than 15 credit hours, or overload in excess of 22 credit hours, per credit hour

Entering Class 2018-2019 $1,450
Returning Students 2017-2018 $1,417
Returning Students 2016-2017 $1,327
Returning Students 2015-2016 $1,281
Returning Students 2014-2015 $1,233

Room and Board

Room Rate Entering Class 2018-2019, per term $2,500
Room Rate Returning Students 2017-2018 and prior, per term $1,940
Board Rate (meal plan), per term $1,620

Business Related

Exchange Student Enrollment Fee, per term $250
NSF Check Processing Fee $25
Student ID Card Replacement Fee $10
Student Health Insurance, per year1 $1,145
Late Payment Fee $300
Enrollment Deposit $300

The University requires students to submit proof of health insurance each academic year, or to purchase Kettering’s Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan.

Refund Rates

Tuition, Room, and Board

The following schedule of refunds applies for students who separate from Kettering University before the end of an academic term.  These percentages also apply to those taking individual courses when dropping classes reduces total credit hours to part-time status (fewer than 15 credits), or from overload to full-time status (15-22 credits).

First Week 100%
Second Week 75%
Third Week 50%
Fourth Week 25%
Fifth Week 0%

Refund rates are calculated through Sunday of fourth week.

Enrollment Deposit is non-refundable after May 1.