Academic Catalog

College of Sciences and Liberal Arts

Babak Elahi, Ph.D.

Interim Dean of the College of Sciences and Liberal Arts

The College of Sciences and Liberal Arts is home to the Departments of  Applied MathematicsComputer Science, Liberal Arts, and Natural Sciences. Courses offered in the College of Sciences & Liberal Arts include traditional courses in math, science, communications, humanities, and the social sciences but also a variety of interdisciplinary and special topics courses that combine aspects of several disciplines together in a single course.

Applied Mathematics

Mathematics is the universal language of STEM and business. The Kettering Department of Mathematics’ curriculum provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to explore our world. The department’s outstanding faculty are recognized for their excellence in research and teaching. Offerings in applied and computational mathematics will prepare students for advanced work in engineering, physics, and computer science. Advanced courses in applied statistics teach students to use data to understand and analyze problems in engineering and business. Minors in Applied Mathematics and Statistics are available.

Computer Science is one of the fastest growing majors in the world.  Computer scientists are needed in every imaginable industry, from the automotive industry, programming autonomous vehicles to the cybersecurity industry, protecting the world’s most sensitive computer systems.  Kettering faculty know that our students have to be exposed to state of the art technologies in their curriculum, and our faculty bring their expertise in artificial intelligence, gaming and virtual reality, and cybersecurity right into the classroom.  Faculty have designed the Computer Science courses with significant laboratory and project-based content to allow students to deeply explore and personalize the key concepts studied in class.  Kettering students have co-op opportunities in top industries, in sectors ranging from e-commerce, automotive, healthcare, and government, and they also have the chance to work directly with faculty on current cutting edge research.  

Liberal Arts

As scientists and engineers, Kettering graduates will use their technical talent to solve complex human problems. The Kettering Department of Liberal Arts offers a curriculum that nurtures a multidisciplinary approach to understanding those human problems from a variety of perspectives. The department is home to the humanities, social sciences, and communication. It offers a minor in economics as well as study in interdisciplinary areas such as social justice and community engagement. The unique Liberal Arts curriculum features seminars at both the sophomore level (Exploring the Human Condition) and the senior level (Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues). Together, these courses offer students a structured approach to developing the intellectual skills of critical thinking, analysis, written and oral communication, ethical reasoning, and creativity that are crucial to a complete Kettering education.

Natural Sciences

Fundamental sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics undergird our contemporary understanding of the natural world in which we live and work. Research and applications in these fields, and across disciplinary boundaries, lead to the technologies of the future. A firm foundation in required and elective introductory courses offered by the Department of Natural Sciences forms a base for deeper understanding of engineering science and cutting-edge design. The Department also offers courses of particular interest in specialty areas, including optics and acoustics, sensors, materials science, medical physics, environmental chemistry, polymer science and more. Minors in Acoustics and Physics are available, as well as a major in Engineering Physics.