Academic Catalog

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

The catalog menu item Courses A-Z has all Kettering's courses listed with their descriptions for all university courses; the descriptions appear in alphabetical order according to their course letter designations.  These descriptions include any prerequisites (requirements student must satisfy before registering for the course), corequisites (requirements students must satisfy either before or while taking the course), the number of credit hours applied for each course, and, where relevant, the hours devoted to lecture, recitation, and laboratory (see applicable department sections for the total credits required for each major or program).  If no indication exists for lecture, discussion and laboratory hours, then the course is considered a lecture.

Students should be aware that the courses listed here are subject to change.  Many courses are regularly offered in the fall, while others are offered in the winter or summer.  However, semester enrollment, course demand, changes in faculty and other factors will sometimes affect the offering of courses.  In addition, new courses may have been added and changes in existing courses may have occurred since the printing of this bulletin.

Many 500-level courses can apply to undergraduate or graduate credit.  Contact the individual degree department or Graduate Studies Office for more information. 

The course numbers 191, 291, 391, and 491 shall be used to describe Special Topics courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, respectively. Special Topics courses are one-time offerings whose content is determined by current faculty interest. These courses may be repeated for credit when the course is run with different content.

The course numbers 197, 297, 397, and 497 shall be used to admit credit for transfer or guest courses that are not equivalent to existing Kettering courses within a discipline. The subject FREE (e.g FREE-297) is used to admit transfer or guest courses that are not equivalent to Kettering courses, and do not fall within existing Kettering disciplines.

The course numbers 398, 498, and 598 shall be used to describe elective courses taken as part of a Kettering University International Studies Program.

The course numbers 399, 499, and 599 describe an independent study course. Independent study is student-directed exploration with faculty guidance at an advanced level.  This course may be repeated for credit when the course is run with different content.

Sample Course Description

BIOL-441  Cellular Biology    4 Credits

Corequisites: BIOL-442
Prerequisites: CHEM-351
Minimum Class Standing: Junior
An introduction to the structure and function of cells. Topics include cell motility, intracellular transport, cellular chemistry, membranes, organelles, metabolism, reproduction, and signaling.
Lecture: 4, Lab 0, Other 0

Course availability is subject to change due to low enrollment, or faculty availability.