Academic Catalog

Student Affairs

Health, Counseling, Disability, and Insurance Services

On-Campus Health Services:

A licensed practical nurse [LPN] is available during regular business hours for triage services. Students may drop in during business hours or call ahead to make an appointment. Services and programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Treatment of minor ailments and injuries (such as scrapes, colds, flu, minor injuries)
  • Advice on effective self-care and well-being
  • Wellness workshops

Where appropriate, the LPN and/or counselor will refer students to a local Health Care Center.

Please see the Community Resources section for local urgent care centers for after-hours care.

You will need your identification and insurance card at the visit. Students are responsible for

co-payments and uncovered costs.

Off-Campus Health Services: 

McLaren Family Medicine Residency Center - An Affiliate of Kettering University

McLaren Family Medicine Residency Center, 3230 Beecher Road, Suite #1 Flint, MI 48532, (810) 342-5656

Hurley Medical Center & Urgent Care, One Hurley Plaza Flint, MI 48503, (810) 262-6744

Flushing Road Urgent Care, 1301 Flushing Rd Flint, MI 48504, (810) 424-0759


Support is available to students who experience psychological, behavioral or emotional difficulties.

A counselor is available by appointment. Students can drop by, schedule online, or

call the Wellness Center to make an appointment. Challenges that a counselor can help with

include, but are not limited to:

• Relationship conflicts

• Stress and/or other emotional difficulties

• Grief and loss issues

• Alcohol or other drug use

• Transition to college life

• Harassing and bullying issues

• Workshops on a variety of topics

24/7/365 Wellness After Hours

Additional confidential counseling is available by phone at 810.762.9650. Wellness After Hours

provides students with the same resources as the on-site counselor. It is available 24 hours/7

days a week, 365 days a year for all students regardless of current location (academic or co-op).

24/7/365 Crisis Counseling

When students are in crisis (whether on campus, at a co-op assignment, or elsewhere), they

should utilize the Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255 available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Kettering University provides disability services in compliance with the Americans with

Disabilities Act (1990) and its amendments, along with state and local regulations regarding

students, employees and applicants with disabilities. Under these laws, no qualified individual

with a disability shall be denied access to participation in services, programs and/or activities

at Kettering University. In carrying out Kettering’s policy regarding disabled students,

employees, and applicants, we recognize mobility, sensory, medical, psychological, and learning

disabilities. We attempt to provide reasonable accommodations for all students who meet the

criteria described in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Any Kettering student diagnosed with a physical, medical, psychological, or learning disability,

or suspects that s/he may have one, must contact the Wellness Center. The staff will evaluate

the required documentation in support of the claim of a disability and assess a student’s

needs on a case-by-case basis. The Wellness Center will then make recommendations for

the appropriate services and accommodations. The Center will inform faculty and staff who

may be responsible for providing the services and/or accommodations. Students must request

current accommodations from the Wellness Center each term and meet with each professor to

arrange individual accommodations.

Prospective students in the admissions process should contact the Wellness Center as soon as

possible to discuss appropriate documentation needed to verify a disability and to identify the

type of services, accommodations, and adaptive equipment necessary.



Kettering University requires all enrolled, degree-seeking students to carry health insurance

coverage. Students are automatically enrolled into the insurance and must provide proof of

insurance to be waived. Students who have coverage through their parents or other means must

provide proof of health insurance once a year through a third party, which verifies coverage

through their online system.

Student who fail to provide proof of health insurance coverage through the verification process

will remain enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. No exceptions will be made. Students

and parents may contact the Wellness Center or find the link from the Wellness Center website

for further information regarding policy coverage.


The following agencies provide supplementary health care and information:

Ascension Genesys Urgent Care, 1460 N. Center Road, (810) 762-4620

Genesee County Health Department, 630 South Saginaw Street, Suite 4, (810) 257-3612

Genesee Health Systems, 420 W. Fifth Avenue, (810) 257-3705

Genesee Urgent Care, 2265 Linden Road, (810) 720-8700

GHS - Behavioral Health Urgent Care, 422 W. 4th Avenue, (810) 496-5500

Hurley Medical Center & Urgent Care, One Hurley Plaza, (810) 262-6744

YWCA Domestic Violence Safe House, 801 Saginaw Street, (810) 238-7621

YWCA of Greater Flint, 801 Saginaw Street, (810) 238-7621

Campus Safety and Other Services                   

Campus Safety

Kettering University Campus Safety provides 24-hour safety and security services, 365 days a year, to promote a safe learning environment for students. Campus Safety officers provide the following services:

  • Student assistance
  • Crime prevention
  • Investigates complaints
  • Emergency management
  • General patrol of the Kettering campus
  • Information and central communication center
  • Security of buildings
  • Safety and fire inspections
  • Register student and employee vehicles
  • Lost and found
  • An escort service for a student or employee leaving a campus building alone at night
  • Provides safety shuttle service to nearby locations when transportation is not available and after dark as a safety precaution
  • Enforce parking regulations

Kettering University works in close coordination with area law enforcement agencies to provide safety on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

In the event of an emergency on campus, DIAL 911 from any campus telephone, or (810) 762-9501, and the Campus Safety Desk Officer will offer assistance, including calling emergency response personnel. 

The Campus Safety office is located on the second (ground) floor of the Campus Center. 

Food Services

Kettering University and Creative Dining Services are partnering to bring a whole new campus dining experience. Expanded dining options in the new Battenberg Café located on the first floor of the New Learning Commons allows you to grab something to go or sit down for a meal with friends. You can choose food from one of the seven stations in the Battenberg Café or one of your favorites from Einstein Bros. Bagel. In the evening you can order from the specialty menu at BJ’s Lounge.  You will also be able to grab a cup of our very own Bulldog Blend coffee roasted locally by Great Lakes Coffee in the second floor coffee shop.

Meal Plans

All first-year students who reside in Thompson Hall are required to purchase Meal Plan A during their residency. Commuter and Flexible Dining Dollars meal plans are also available to upperclassmen. All meals plans expire at the end of each academic term. Current information on the various meal plans and dining hours of operation may be found on the Kettering Dining Services website.

Flexible Dining Dollars

Flexible Dining Dollars are transacted using a student’s KU ID Card and are tracked on a declining balance basis.  Flexible Dining Dollars are for use exclusively for purchasing food, can be used at any of the food service venues, and expire at the end of each academic term.

Bulldog Bucks

All students may purchase Bulldog Bucks that can be used at all food service venues and at the C-Store. Bulldog Bucks may be used for food and for Bulldog Wear items and are purchased on a dollar per buck basis via KUWallet online application.  Bulldog Bucks expire when a student graduates or leaves the University or when an employee ceases to be employed at the University.

The C-Store

The on-campus convenience store in the Sunset Café, generally referred to as the “C-Store,” is located in the Campus Center (CC) southwest corner off the Great Court. We offer convenience foods, f'real milkshakes & smoothies, Starbucks coffee & lattes, along with everyday essentials. "Bulldog Wear" apparel and Kettering merchandise can also be purchased in the C-Store. 

Current information on the C-Store hours of operation may be found on the Dining website. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover credit cards. Students are able to use Flexible Dining Dollars on convenience foods in the store, and Bulldog Bucks for convenience foods and Bulldog Wear or Kettering University branded items.

The Online Bookstore

The Online Bookstore is a virtual bookstore operated by MBS Direct/BNC for the University. MBS Direct/BNC offers new, used, rental and digital textbooks, including Book Buyback and Guaranteed Buyback options. The online bookstore accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards, Visa and MasterCard debit cards, as well as PayPal (except Marketplace orders), check, money order and/or book vouchers.

The Online Spirit Store

Kettering Bulldog Wear is a virtual spirit store operated by Advanced Online/Follett that offers official Kettering Bulldog apparel, accessories & gifts. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Shipping & Receiving 

Shipping & Receiving provides mail delivery, package pickup via smart lockers, package drop off and sells postage stamps. Located on the 1st floor of the Academic Building, hours of operation are 8 am - 5pm Monday through Friday. For your convenience, we supply bubble wrap, packing paper, shipping tape & boxes for a nominal cost. For more information regarding these services, email

Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations

In partnership with ChargePoint, we maintain two electric vehicle charging stations on Kettering’s campus. One stations is located in the visitor lot outside the Campus Center and is intended for guests. A dual unit is located in the fleet parking area south of the Campus Center and is intended for faculty, staff and student use. In order to use the charging station, you must have a ChargePoint card, which can be obtained by joining for free at Follow the prompts on the screen of the charging station after you’ve swiped your card. You can now download the mobile app to find stations, check availability and more.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternities and sororities have played an important role in the collegiate experience at Kettering since the school’s beginnings in the early 20th century. Currently, nearly 40% of our students belong to Greek organizations, which include 13 fraternities and four sororities and one co-ed fraternity. Greek organizations offer many opportunities to meet new people, build life-long friendships, practice and hone leadership and management skills, and in many cases, to provide a home away from home through available housing.  Members are expected to strive for academic excellence and to serve local and national communities by donating time and raising money for a variety of philanthropic causes.  See the Student Handbook for more information on Kettering's Greek Community.

Kagle Leadership Initiatives (KLI)

Through the Kagle Leadership Initiatives (KLI), Kettering students nurture academic excellence and promote urban leadership qualities and civic engagement among Flint area youth and their families to increase college attendance and graduation and foster life-long community involvement. KLI sponsors a variety of enrichment programs and activities, including mentoring, tutoring, coaching, and targeted special seminars such as taking the ACT/SAT, gaining admission to college, finding financial aid, and managing peer pressure and social acceptance.  Students who are interested in making a difference in the Flint community are encouraged to apply.  Application dates vary throughout the year.

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs [OMSA]

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs works to ensure underrepresented students thrive and succeed at Kettering University.  It provides academic support services for students to facilitate their retention and graduation.  It also creates and implements special activities and events geared toward creating positive self-images and professional development skills.  OMSA carries out pre-college programs to increase the number of underrepresented students qualified to pursue degrees at Kettering in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business. 

OMSA provides these services for underrepresented students:

  • Academic Excellence Workshops
  • Maximizing Academic Growth in College [MAGIC] Seminars
  • Mentoring
  • Pre-college Programs   
  • Professional Development Advice            
  • Tutoring         

New Student Orientation:  Campus Orientation Meetings to Prepare Students for Academic and Social Success [COMPASS] and Camp COMPASS

COMPASS, our new student orientation program, provides new students with information and social opportunities that will facilitate a smooth transition to Kettering University. Carried out over four days immediately preceding the beginning of new students’ first academic term, COMPASS presents students with a wide variety of opportunities for integration into the campus community, including meeting and getting to know faculty, staff, and students; learning about campus resources, where to obtain specific services, and how to transact business; finding out where to get help, etc.  All new students must participate in COMPASS prior to attending classes for the first time. 

Camp COMPASS, an optional off-campus leadership development program, is offered each Summer and Fall to new students. Our orientation leaders as well as camp staff, work together to provide a robust leadership experience. We encourage new students to take advantage of this unique program, designed to jump start their first year experience.

Recreation Services

Recreation Services provides facilities and programs to meet the recreational interests of the Kettering University community, which includes students, faculty, staff, alumni and their immediate families. Opportunities exist to practice and learn skills which lead to healthy and satisfying life style. Numerous competitive and cooperative activities provide an ideal environment to test one’s skills and value system. Specific attention is devoted to addressing students' needs and balancing the academic rigor for which Kettering University is known. Recreation Service programs and facilities are rooted in student ability and desire. Students are employed to operate facilities and conduct programs. Kettering University students use the recreational opportunities as a stress release mechanism and as a means to fitness.

The Recreation Center features an open multi-sports forum with both wood and synthetic flooring. It includes five volleyball courts or four basketball courts or two tennis courts. This area is also used for indoor soccer and the First Robotics competition. Other amenities include: three racquetball/wallyball courts, one squash court, a 1/8 mile suspended jogging track, locker rooms, steam rooms, 25-yard six-lane pool, spa, group exercise room, fitness room with exercise equipment, weight room featuring Cybex equipment, equipment issue area, Student Lounge, Sargent Alumni Lounge, and professional staff offices. The facility is used for formal recreational sports programs (intramurals), informal recreation activities, fitness programs and other Kettering University events. Reservations and drop-in play are accommodated.

Kettering Student Government

Kettering Student Government incorporates Student Senate, Operations Council, Academic Council, and Finance Council. Each year, the student body elects class representatives to the Student Senate, along with the Student Senate President, Vice President, and Administrator.  This group’s primary charge is to determine student needs, set guidelines and priorities for meeting these needs.

The Student Senate oversees the general operation, approves planned programs and budget, and makes certain that actions of the Operations Council and Finance Council are consistent with the Student Government Constitution. The Student Senate also hears any appeals or grievances brought before it involving matters of constitutional interpretation.

Women’s Resource Center/Office of Women Student Affairs

The Clara Elizabeth Davidson Women’s Resource Center serves as a meeting space for all women on campus and provides leadership programs and engagement that enhances their academic, professional, and personal development. Annually, the WRC presents programs planned and carried out by students and staff, as well as a number of special events designed to ensure the support and development of our women students as global citizens. 

Kettering’s Office of Women Student Affairs (OWSA) provides leadership concerning women’s issues to ensure our students live and learn in a productive climate that encourages them to reach their full potential. 

Fine and Performing Arts

Kettering University is committed to providing a well-rounded education to our students. We are able to offer opportunities to participate in band, choir, piano and guitar lessons. Instruction is provided by professionals from the Flint Institute of Music.

Clubs and Organizations

Kettering University Clubs and Organizations Recognized by Kettering Student Government (KSG)

KSG recognizes and supports a variety of campus clubs and organizations which operate under the Constitution of Kettering Student Government. Students may obtain further information regarding these groups, and procedures on how they can start their own, through the Student Affairs office and in the Student Handbook.

Student Housing

On Campus Student Housing

Frances Wilson Thompson Hall provides an on-campus living and learning community for all students. Several living options are available, including co-ed, single gender, and 24-hour quiet units. Thompson Hall’s design affords maximum individual privacy; each resident occupies their own room within units of 30-40 residents.  The residence hall is air conditioned, heated, and networked for the internet .  Each student’s room is equipped with a bed, desk, dresser(s), bookshelf, closet space, a Micro Fridge, telephone jack, and a computer jack.   Resident Assistants [RA's] staff individual units.  RAs and professional staff carry out programs and activities which contribute to students’ personal development.

All first year students, including transfer students, are required to live in Thompson Hall for a minimum of two academic terms.  Exceptions may be granted to students over 21 years of age, are married, have children residing in the student's home, or have previously completed a minimum of two terms/one academic year in a residence hall at a college or university. Students who meet at least one of these requirements may request a housing contract release. Release applications may be obtained from the Director of Residence Life and must be submitted at least two weeks from the first day of any term.  Contact the director of residence life at