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International Programs

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Laura Mazzeo Allen, M.Ed., Director
Room 3-340 AB, 810-762-9869

Program Overview

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is the pivotal focal point for international engagement and education for Kettering University. The OIP supports and engages with international students, professors, and other visitors who come to Kettering University from around the world. The office builds strategic international partnerships with foreign academic institutions, governments, and industries to develop programs beneficial to all parties involved. The OIP also engages the Kettering community in international learning opportunities, such as exchange visitor programs, study abroad, and international training and research opportunities. 

The OIP at Kettering University works closely with the Provost, President, and all officers of the University in drawing the University’s strategic vision and creating mission objectives for the institution’s international education. Together, we strive to execute the University’s mission by integrating international and contemporary components in all academic programs and work with all academic units/departments to enhance global studies across the curriculum.  

International Student and Scholar Services

Kettering University welcomes the following international visitors:

  • Full-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate and graduate students
  • Short-term exchange students
  • Visiting professors, scholars, and other university representatives
  • Corporate employer representatives

The OIP is required by federal law to maintain certain records of international students, professors and scholars.  All incoming students and scholars are required to check in at the Office of International Programs with the stamped immigration documents and passports within the first week on campus.

The OIP provides a variety of services and programs to promote the success and well-being of all international visitors at Kettering University. Located in the Academic Building (3-340 AB), our staff is available to assist all international students, international faculty and international staff. The following is a list of some of the many services the OIP provides.

Administrative Services

  • Ensure that the University maintains compliance with all applicable laws and regulations formulated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government agencies relating to international students, international faculty, international staff, and other international visitors.
  • Function as liaisons to local, state, and federal government agencies and academic institutions.
  • Support and engage in efforts at the local, national, and international level promoting the value of international educational and cultural exchange.
  • Oversee international activities at Kettering University, and serve as advisors to international student organizations.

Immigration Services

  • Provide timely, competent, and professional services to international students, international faculty, international staff, and other international visitors concerning U.S. immigration laws regulating their stay in the United States.
  • Assist visitors in meeting obligations and requirements of federal regulations relating to their status and period of authorized stay in the United States.
  • Determine eligibility and issue appropriate visa documents for entry to or change of visa classification within the United States.
  • Assist academic and administrative departments regarding employment-based immigration processes for international faculty, researchers and staff members.

Exchange and Visa Services

  • Develop and oversee student exchange and study abroad programs.
  • Maintain federal regulations for international visitors, export controls, and SEVIS systems for visas.
  • Offer advising on visa status maintenance for all international visitors and visa holders (such as students holding F-1 and J-1 visas, scholars holding J-1 visas, H-1B faculty, Permanent Residency for faculty, International Guest Speakers).
  • Assist international students and exchange visitors with the application processes and endorsements for various non-immigrant benefits, such as practical training programs, employment, travel, and maintaining status.
  • Organize orientation programs for international students and scholars to provide international newcomers with information on immigration regulations, academic issues, and social opportunities.
  • Provide assistance with insurance, bank accounts, housing, applying for a driver’s license, obtaining social security cards, taxation, and other settlement concerns.

F-1 Student Visas

The F-1 visa is used for students pursuing a degree at an academic or language institution within the United States.  International students in F-1 status are generally enrolled in a full course of study.  This visa is intended only for the purpose of study.

J-1 Student and Scholar Visas

The J-1 visa is used for students as well as exchange visitors.  At Kettering University, this visa is used for visiting faculty, research scholars, and short-term scholars and students.

Important Documents for International Students and Visitors


The Passport is a document issued by an individual's home country government. It is the responsibility of the international students and scholars to keep their passport valid at all times.  Although passport renewal procedures vary, all passports should be renewed 6 months prior to the expiration date.

I-94 Arrival and Departure Form

U.S. Immigration officials create this record when visitors enter the United States. It is an electronic record that can be retrieved online.  The I-94 record shows when and where the visitor entered the U.S., the type of visa status the visitor holds, and how long they are eligible to stay in the United States. Students in F-1 or J-1 status are usually allowed to remain in the U.S. for the duration of status (D/S). The actual end date of their D/S is the completion date listed on the student or scholar's I-20 or DS-2019 form. I-94 numbers change every time a student re-enters the United States.


Visas to enter the United States are issued by an American Consulate abroad (usually in the student or scholar's home country) and are stamped in the student/scholar's passport. It is not possible to obtain a visa stamp inside the United States.  A visa allows the holder to apply for entry into the United States at the Port of Entry. In issuing a Form I-94 at the Port of Entry, the Department of Homeland Security gives the student/scholar permission to enter the United States.  The following information is listed on the visa: date issued, date the visa expires, type of visa, where it was issued, and how often the visa can be used (multiple or single).

Form I-20 or Form DS-2019

This certificate is an immigration document that indicates a particular immigration status. Form I-20 is used for students holding F-1 visas and their dependents (F-2 visa status),  while form DS-2019 is used for exchange visitors holding J-1 visas and their dependents (J-2 visa holders). Even after students have left the United States, they should retain these documents as they serve as an official record of immigration history. They can also be useful for tax purposes. Please do not discard old certificates. The OIP only retains student records for a limited number of years and former I-20's and DS-2019's cannot be retrieved from SEVIS.

Visitors and students must:

  • Notify the OIP in advance if they terminate their study, employment, or affiliation with Kettering University earlier than the date indicated on their form I-20 or form DS-2019.
  • Consult with the OIP before traveling internationally to make sure their documents are signed.
  • Obtain approval from the OIP before accepting work at other institutions or off campus.
  • Apply with the OIP in a timely manner, if a program extension becomes necessary.

SEVIS and Immigration Regulations

SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) is an internet based system in which DHS (Department of Homeland Security) maintains information on non-immigrant visitors holding visas.

Services Provided for International Students and Scholars on Campus

The OIP provides services and programs that promote the success and well-being of international students and visitors at Kettering University.  Our staff is available to assist all international students, scholars, and faculty. 

Visa Issuance and Maintenance

  • Assist international students, scholars and visitors in complying with federal, state and local regulations pertaining to immigration.
  • Maintain immigration records on all international students and scholars holding F-1 and J-1 visas currently enrolled at Kettering University.
  • Verify change of status and lawful presence. 

Required Orientation

Orientation is required of all incoming students and scholars on F-1 and J-1 visas through the OIP.  Orientation sessions are held during the week prior to the start of every term.  Individual orientation can be provided to scholars who begin their program at Kettering University throughout the term.  Workers on H-1B status should work with Human Resources ("HR") to engage in HR's orientation process. Orientation with the OIP includes:

  • Check-in and visa registration.
  • Evaluation of English proficiency and placement into ESL Program, as needed or requested.
  • Information on immigration regulations and academic issues (scheduling, help with transfer credit evaluation).
  • Intercultural communication and adjustment support.
  • Guidance for international students as they negotiate the University system.


International students must engage in a full course of study during academic terms.  If you will not be enrolled full-time, you must receive prior approval from the OIP. The OIP is required to report under-enrollment to DHS through SEVIS within 30 days of the end of the registration period. Please visit the OIP for more information.

If you have any questions regarding visa regulations or immigration laws, please contact the OIP.

Arrangement of Cultural Activities 

Excursions are intended to promote intercultural understanding and present a broader experience of US American culture. The OIP, in conjunction with other departments on campus, provides cultural activities for international students and scholars throughout the year.

Required Medical Insurance Coverage

All international visitors (J-1 or F-1 principle visa holders and their dependents) are required to have medical insurance and medical evacuation and repatriation insurance for the entire duration of stay in the United States. All international students, including F-1 visa holders and exchange students holding J-1 visas are required to purchase Kettering University’s student health insurance plan. The purchase of the Kettering University Health Plan is mandatory and cannot be waived. 

Study Abroad Programs

The study abroad programs at Kettering University prepare students for global leadership. Globalization and increased cooperation will require those entering the 21st-Century job market to be able to function internationally. Studying abroad provides students with knowledge and experience that will give them a competitive edge to excel in the world market. Employers recognize that applicants who have international experience are more likely to possess the qualities in demand by our global economy.

Kettering University currently offers several study abroad programs.  Most programs are offered in English.  New study abroad programs are continually developed, so please visit our Study Abroad website for current active programs and new opportunities in your academic areas.

Current Study Abroad Programs, by Major, at Exchange Partner Institutions


Students who are looking for more interdisciplinary study abroad options are encouraged to explore our programs at Ajou University in South Korea, the University of Navarra (UPNA) in Spain, and the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien in Austria.  These programs easily allow students to select from a broad range of courses in multiple disciplines. 


  • Germany at Reutlingen University (Fall term)
  • South Korea at Ajou University (Winter/Spring & Summer/Fall term - Traditional Semester)

Chemical Engineering/Biochemistry, Biology & Chemistry

  • Germany at Reutlingen University (Fall term)

Computer Science

  • Germany at Hochschule Ulm (Spring term)
  • South Korea at Ajou University (Winter/Spring & Summer/Fall term - Traditional Semester)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Germany - CE at Hochschule Ulm (Spring term)
  • Germany - EE at Reutlingen University (Fall term)
  • Germany - EE at Hochschule Ulm (Spring term)
  • South Korea at Ajou University (Winter/Spring & Summer/Fall term - Traditional Semester)

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

  • Germany at Reutlingen University (Fall term)
  • Spain at University of Navarra (UPNA) (Winter/Spring & Summer/Fall term - Traditional Semester)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Germany at Hochschule Esslingen (Spring and Fall terms)
  • Germany at Hochschule Konstanz (Spring term)
  • Germany at Hochschule Ulm (Fall term)
  • Germany at Reutlingen University (Fall term)    

Short Term Programs

Short, 5- to 15-day educational based programs abroad are being regularly offered.  Please visit our Study Abroad website for current details and opportunities. 

Course Work

The coursework taken through a Kettering University Study Abroad Program is fully applicable toward credits in the student’s degree program for up to 20 credit hours, as long as the courses taken while abroad are approved for credit prior to taking the course. Courses that are not already pre-approved to come back for credit may be reviewed to come back to Kettering for credit. This process should be initiated with the OIP prior to taking the course, ideally more than 3 months prior to departure for the study abroad program.  Please visit the Study Abroad website for details on the course approval process and appeals process. Coursework taken on a study abroad program will appear on a student's transcript as Credit or No Credit.

Required Courses

The study abroad curriculum requires participants to register for a 4-credit Advanced Social Science elective (SSCI-398 or HUMN-398) and a 4-credit Free Elective Language Course (LANG-297) as two of the five classes taken abroad, whenever approved classes are offered by the partner institution. 

Course Credit and Grading for Laboratory Courses Taken at German Partner Universities: 

Students enrolled in our German partner universities receive a grade of P (Pass) or F (Fail) for laboratory courses.  In the German system, a P grade is equivalent to a D grade or higher (may be dependent upon individual university policy).  Kettering University students enrolled in laboratory courses at our partner German universities who receive a P grade will be granted credit for the course upon receipt of an official record. 

Courses Offered at International Universities (and Kettering University Equivalent Course):

Courses currently approved to come back for credit toward a specific Kettering University course may be found on the Study Abroad Website.  Please note that this list is subject to change based on the availability of resources at the international universities and as stated above, additional courses and programs may be reviewed to come back for credit based on the student requesting a course review in a timely and appropriate manner.

Academic Requirements

Students applying for a study abroad program must be in good academic standing, maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher, have passing grades in all courses taken in the past two academic terms, must meet specific degree program requirements for study abroad and have degree department approval. Some study abroad programs also have stricter requirements than those listed here - please see the Study Abroad website for program-specific details.  Students who may not meet this criteria may appeal for an exemption in order to be eligible to go abroad.  The appeal process is outlined on the Study Abroad website

Financial Considerations

To encourage undergraduate students to participate in the study abroad programs, Kettering University has agreed to provide these terms as “cost neutral” as possible when compared to the expenses for tuition, room, board and transportation during a typical term on campus. Some variation should be expected and some programs may have additional fees and costs attached. All students who opt for an academic term abroad will register for a study abroad term at Kettering University and pay the regular Kettering University tuition. Pilot programs (new programs not listed in this catalog) may have additional/different cost structure. The OIP can assist students as they consider pilot program options. 

Study Abroad Stipends

Kettering University provides up to $1,500 per student as a stipend for study abroad programs at each degree level. Participants may use the stipend funding on multiple programs (short-term and semester length), but amounts applied to the program will vary based on the individual program length and cost.  Students participating in term and semester length programs will be eligible for the $1,500 amount.  Students must receive class credit during the study abroad experience or be participating in an OIP approved short-term study abroad program to be awarded a stipend. 

Students are able to borrow against this stipend up to three months in advance. This loan is intended to provide students with funds necessary for purchasing round-trip airline tickets, passports, and any other expense that needs to be covered prior to departure. Several universities abroad require either partial or total housing payment prior to arrival. This payment will be made by wire transfer and will reduce the amount available.

Please note that the stipend may be revoked if the student awarded decides to cancel their study abroad trip, does not complete required study abroad pre-departure and arrival requirements for both Kettering University and the host institution, if the study abroad experience is canceled, and/or if the student is dismissed from the study abroad program for violations of the Student Code of Conduct (for either host or Kettering University), violations of the Study Abroad agreements and policies, and/or for acts that cause the termination of a student's visa or deportation from the host country. For more information on this policy and the appeals process, please visit the Study Abroad website or contact the OIP.


Application materials may be found on the Study Abroad website. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the OIP by calling (810) 762-9533 or e-mailing to find out more about completing academic advising for study abroad. It is advisable to apply for a program 5 terms in advance of the term a student wishes to study abroad. 


Students enrolled in a study abroad program are required to attend orientation and complete all online orientation components. The orientation will provide practical, logistical, and cultural information to prepare for studying and living overseas.

Oswald International Student Fellows Program

The Oswald Fellowships at Kettering University sponsor international travel, teaching, and research opportunities for students, faculty, and staff members and are made possible by a gift from Kettering alumnus and trustee Bob Oswald ’64 and his wife Marcy. Oswald International Student Fellows Program provides financial grants for travel and living expenses for Kettering students involved in the international exchange program and other approved study abroad programs. Grants are awarded multiple times each academic year on a competitive basis. In general, consideration is given to the financial need and merit of the student. Selected students will receive grants between $100 and $2,500 in addition to the Kettering Study Abroad stipend provided for study abroad students.  

To be eligible to become an Oswald International Student Fellow a candidate must:

  • Be in good standing at Kettering University and have been approved for study abroad by the academic department.
  • Plan to participate in a study abroad program during the upcoming study abroad term. Any students approved for a study abroad program that is eligible for the Oswald Student Fellows Program will be given access to the appropriate Oswald application on the Study Abroad website.
  • Demonstrate a financial need.
  • Demonstrate merit in academics, leadership, and service. 
  • Complete an application including an essay and letters of recommendation by the specified deadlines. Application information will become available to students after the study abroad application deadline for a specific term.

Oswald International Faculty Fellowships

The Oswald Fellowships at Kettering University sponsor international travel, teaching, and research opportunities for faculty members and are made possible by a gift from Kettering alumnus and trustee Bob Oswald ’64 and his wife Marcy.

The purpose of the Oswald International Scholars Program is to increase mutual understanding as well as educational and cultural exchange involving Kettering faculty members and scholars from international institutions. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to any international institution, however, preference will be given to applications indicating collaboration with existing Kettering partners as listed: China at Xi’an Polytechnic University, Hubei University of Automotive Technology, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, and Qingdao Hengxing University; Germany at Reutlingen, Esslingen, Konstanz, and Ulm; Singapore at Singapore Institute of Technology; Spain at the Public University of Navarre; South Korea at Ajou University and Kookmin University; and Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education.

Through the Oswald International Scholars Program, Kettering University will assist with the costs for Kettering faculty members to work abroad during their off terms with the expectation that the international partner/host would provide support for their faculty members to spend time working on the Kettering University campus. The application process for the Faculty Fellowship may be found here

English as a Second Language Program

The English as a Second Language Program (ESLP) is able to offer four types of programs to speakers of English as an Additional Language when the interest and enrollment warrants: (1) traditional, intensive English program on campus; (2) short-term English programs on campus; (3) Technical English classes for IEP programs on campus and online; and (4) online English classes. A brief description of each program is provided below. 

Intensive English Program

The following courses can be offered on campus depending on need.  Each course is 20 hours of direct instruction per week for the length of the term. Placement tests are conducted in orientation week, the week prior to the start of class each term. Students who successfully complete this program also fulfill English language requirements for admission into Kettering’s degree programs. For more information on each course, please follow the links provided below.

ESL-096  Intermediate 1 (0 Credits) 

ESL-097  Intermediate 2 (0 credits)

ESL-098  Advanced 1 (0 credits)

ESL-099  Advanced 2 (0 credits)  

Short-term English Programs 

The ESLP is able to offer short-term on campus programs for students from partner universities. These short-term programs typically run in January, July, or August. 

Technical English Classes

Technical English classes are term length English classes provided either on campus or virtually as a part of International Education Programs (IEP) to participants (delegates) from partner companies.

ESL-091  Technical English for IEP (0 credits) 

Online English Classes

Kettering's ESLP is able to offer several online English courses, when desired. These online English courses are specifically designed for online instruction and run for 10 weeks, providing 40 hours of live instruction to participants. Students will receive materials to study before each class and take quizzes afterwards. Students who successfully meet the class requirements are awarded a certificate of completion. These courses are not credit bearing.

For more information on our programs and services please contact the OIP in the following ways:

Visiting: Room 3-340, Academic Building


OIP Phone: (810) 762-9869

ESLP Phone: (810) 762-9869

General email:

Study Abroad email:

ESLP Email: