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Undergraduate Catalog

At Kettering University, students major in experience through its unique and innovative cooperative education model. Students split their time between 11-week academic terms and 12-week co-op terms. This allows students to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom and labs at their co-op employment position and apply what they've learned at their co-op to the classroom and labs.

All aspects of learning are investigated and integrated to create an ongoing and all-encompassing educational journey. Each semester, whether in the classroom or at their co-op, students gain the valuable experience needed to graduate and earn employment in their desired field. They will graduate with 2.5 years of job experience in addition to their academic degree.

No institution in the country allows students to start pursuing their ambitions faster than Kettering University. Our accolades compare favorably to any university in the country. Our graduates include world-changing leaders at Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs who have built businesses that fuel our economy, and inventors who have created products and technologies that have improved all of our lives. 

Kettering University offers programs in a variety of engineering and business disciplines. Our curriculum is designed to give students, no matter their program, a well-rounded skill set that can translate to careers in many industries. We have graduates working everywhere from Tesla Motors to Nestlé. The possibilities a degree from Kettering University provides are limitless. No matter what program a student pursues, they learn from faculty who are distinguished engineers, scientists, business leaders, and researchers with significant industry achievements in their own right. 

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