Academic Catalog

Professional Development and First Year Experience (FYE)

The Professional Development and First Year Experience programs are housed within the Academic Success Center (ASC) to promote best practices for student success by integrating the academic and professional experiences, in which all students participate.

Professional Development

Cooperative and experiential learning is fully integrated in our academic and educational program and supports University learning outcomes.  Over the course of their academic career, in cooperation with the Cooperative Education Office, students participate in professional development modules designed to allow them to reflect upon, plan for, and be intentional in their personal work experiences. 

First Year Experience (FYE)

The primary goal of FYE is to build a strong foundation for student success during the time of transition from high school to college. Kettering students experience not only a personal and academic transition but also a professional transition as they embark upon their first co-op experience.  FYE fosters a sense of belonging for students in the Kettering campus community and provides informative solutions for students.

CILE 101

The CILE101 First Year Foundations course provides critical information on personal, academic, and professional development for first-year students. Class discussions support student's engagement in the Kettering community, makes important connections for students to develop a sense of self-governance, and sets a foundation for both a critical thinking and reflective learning mindset. Students learn to successfully interact in the academic and cooperative work environment. Mentoring and interaction with the instructors provide support and guidance for students to be fully integrated into Kettering University. Discussions and assignments enhance student transition and acclimation to Kettering University and the workplace.  

Instructional Model

Small groups of students meet for one hour per week to discuss academic and professional development topics to enable a successful transition to Kettering University. There is an instructor along with an upper class peer mentor leading the classroom experience.  A flipped classroom approach delivers relevant content as asynchronous video or text modules, allowing more time for classroom discussion. Assignments outside of class time average less than one hour per week.