Academic Catalog

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is located in the Academic Building (AB), Room 2-340.  All students have the privilege of using Kettering technology resources as long as they abide by the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy, the Information Resources Policies, Etiquette & Rules and any other IT policies as documented.  Some of the major technical services provided to students are:

Help Desk

The Help Desk provides technical support for computing resources. Sending an e-mail to at any time will get the necessary resources. The staff will respond to support requests during normal business hours.


All students have the privilege of having a Kettering University Google e-mail account.  The Kettering e-mail account is the official way Kettering University faculty and staff communicate to students.  Students are responsible for required actions conveyed to them through this communication vehicle, whether or not they read the message.  Kettering provides each student with unlimited e-mail server storage.  University policy is to communicate by Kettering email, to ensure FERPA compliance. Therefore, do not auto forward to another e-mail service provider which may have less storage capacity, fewer features, and may hinder the ability to reply directly to the original email source.

Due to the proliferation of spam and phishing emails, students may receive emails requesting personal information such as usernames and passwords. Although it may look authentic, pretending to originate from a legitimate source such as Kettering, do not respond. Immediately delete it recognizing that a legitimate source such as the Kettering IT department would never ask for information such as passwords. Be cautious regarding any unsolicited email as it may contain elements that would prove to be detrimental to a personal computer. 

Virus Protection

It is strongly recommended that all students install virus protection software and maintain it to protect their personal PCs.  Any up-to-date properly licensed or free virus protection software would be acceptable.

It is mandatory to have virus protection installed, current, and running when connected to the Kettering network

Internet Access

Internet access is available through the Kettering University network for business and academic purposes.  Faculty, staff, and students will also have access to the Internet, as well as most network resources, using their wireless devices. Students are required to use the KUW Profile for encrypted high speed access.

Web-Based Student Services

All students have access to a variety of online services through their web browser.  They can view academic information such as grades, class schedules, and transcripts, as well as information about their financial account.  They can also have access to view and update addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses to facilitate communication with Kettering University faculty and staff.


Blackboard Learning Management System is leveraged for course syllabi, homework assignments, and tests.  Access to Blackboard is available from anywhere a student has an internet connection.  To help protect your privacy, security, and confidential information, you must sign-on to Blackboard to access these services.


The Virtual Computer Lab (KUcloud) provides students virtual access to lab and classroom software typically only available while on campus.  Virtualization provides access to classroom software anytime from anywhere.

Information and Help Sheets

Help for accessing the various systems, including the Internet, is available through the Help Desk and on the IT web site.  The IT web pages contain valuable information to help maximize the use of Kettering University computing resources.