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MS in Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Home Department: Mechanical Engineering

Available: On Campus Only

Program Advisor/Contact:
Dr. Bassem Ramadan
Room 2-103 MC, 810-762-7992

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Engineering is a professional master’s program that builds on an undergraduate engineering program by offering additional depth and greater mastery in a number of technical areas. 

Program Objectives

The MSE-Mechanical Engineering program is intended for individuals who desire a deeper understanding and knowledge of mechanical engineering as applied to various systems. Students select courses from a structured framework in order to customize a program that best meets their individual and career needs.

To receive the M.S. degree a student in the ME graduate program must complete 40 credit hours of graduate work. There are two plans to choose from:

  • Plan A (consists of course work, research, and a thesis)
  • Plan B (consists of only course work)

The student will receive a Master’s degree upon completion of ten (10) courses within the program. This program has a thesis option.

MSE-Mechanical Engineering Program Curriculum Requirements

Completion of 40 credits as follows:

Program of Study

Required Courses
MECH-600Engineering Mathematics with Applications4
Select up to four Mechanical Engineering courses from the 400 level course list **16
Select at least five Mechanical Engineering courses from the 600 level course list (Or three courses and Thesis) **20
** Course prerequisites must be observed.
Total Credit Hours40

400 Level Course Electives 

(Course prerequisites must be observed.) 

MECH-416Introduction to Finite Element Analysis with Structural Applications4
MECH-426Fuel Cell Science and Engineering4
MECH-427Energy and the Environment4
MECH-428Bio and Renewable Energy4
MECH-4XX or Two 400 Level Technical Electives8

600 Level Course Electives

(Course prerequisites must be observed.)

MECH-610Mechanics of Materials I: Linear Elasticity4
MECH-611Mechanics of Material II: Nonlinear Elastic-Plastic Behavior4
MECH-615Engineering Optimization4
MECH-621Applied Transport Phenomena4
MECH-626Hydrogen Generation, Storage and Safety4
MECH-627Green Energy Conversion4
MECH-645Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion4
MECH-647Combustion & Emissions4
MECH-682Mechanics and Design Simulation of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials4
MECH-6XX or Two 600 Level Technical Electives8