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MS in Engineering: Electrical & Computer Engineering-Advanced Mobility

This program is available through Kettering University Online.

Kettering University is shaping the future of automotive engineering and advanced mobility with a groundbreaking online program: the MS Engineering-ECE-Advanced Mobility. The first of its kind, this cutting-edge advanced engineering degree equips graduates with the technical expertise to play an integral role in the development of electric and autonomous vehicles, mobile robotics and other dynamic systems. This program is specifically designed to meet growing demands within the automotive and advanced mobility industry, and it focuses on systems essential to the future of transportation, such as:

  • Integration of electrical and computer systems for autonomous vehicles and other advanced mobility applications
  • Development of advanced mobility applications for electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles, transportation systems, artificial intelligence and robotics as it applies to mobility
  • Design of dynamic systems that work to enhance and support autonomous functionality
  • Robotics enhanced by artificial intelligence
CE-642Mobile Robotics4
CE-652Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving4
ECE-610Modeling of Dynamic Systems4
ECE-630Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Automotive Engineering4
ECE-632Automotive Control Systems4
ECE-642Machine Drives for Electric Vehicles4
EE-626Power Electronics for Vehicle Electrification4
Management Elective4
Free Electives8
Total Credit Hours40