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Graduate School & Research

Scott W. Reeve, Ph.D.

Dean of the Graduate School & Sponsored Research
4-945 CC, 810-762-9711,

Kettering University Graduate Learning Outcomes

In keeping with its mission, core values, and goals, Kettering University strives to ensure that graduates of its graduate degree programs achieve the following Graduate Learning Outcomes:

  • Communication – demonstrate effective communication to a diverse range of professional audiences
  • Research and analytical skills – demonstrate the ability to collect and synthesize information in ways consistent with the highest professional standards
  • Ethics – develop a framework that recognizes and chooses ethical courses of action
  • Leadership and teamwork – exhibit professional integrity, ethical leadership, and effective collaboration skills
  • Global perspective – contribute to a sustainable world as informed by a global perspective
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – possess the skills necessary for creative and innovative problem-solving, awareness of customer needs, and opportunity recognition