Academic Catalog

Certificate Programs

Kettering University has designed a set of graduate certificate programs for students who want to update their knowledge, skills and abilities on par with the development of cutting edge trends that will lead to opening new doors, career advancement and increased salary. For students who do not have a graduate degree in hand, a graduate certificate can be the beginning of work toward earning a master’s degree.  For students who already hold a master's degree, a certificate program can provide graduate level proficiency in an additional area of knowledge.

Certificate Programs

Students must meet admission requirements for a graduate program to be accepted into the graduate certificate. 

Prerequisite requirements must be met for the courses in a certificate program or must be waived by the offering department.  If prerequisites are waived for the certificate program and the student decides to pursue a complete graduate degree, there may be prerequisites required for a complete program admission.

Graduate tuition will be paid for graduate certificate programs.  Students may take classes online or on-campus as available.

Students must meet graduate Graduation Requirements for each stand alone certificate.