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Thesis Option – MS in Engineering

A thesis option is available for designated graduate programs. The thesis is required for on-campus research programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Masters Thesis

The degree department will specify which course(s) may be replaced by the thesis. Criteria for topic selection are up to the degree department, as are thesis-option prerequisites, if appropriate. Information about the administrative requirements for a Masters Thesis may be obtained from the Graduate School.

A thesis committee of at least three (3) faculty members is required. Students must obtain the written consent of the individuals who will serve on the committee, starting with the professor who will be the major advisor and chair of the committee. If a student is unable to find a professor to be the major advisor, then the student will not be able to elect the thesis option. Students are urged to form the advisory committee and gain approval of a written research proposal by the end of their second term in residence.  Students should plan to begin work on the thesis project by the end of their third term in residence. Registration for thesis credits requires the approval of the chair of the thesis committee. This approval is contingent upon prior approval of the research proposal by the thesis committee.

Master’s theses are theory-based and goal-oriented. The criteria for success are achievement of the research goal and production of a written thesis of publishable quality. 

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