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TECH Master of Business Administration

Home Department: School of Management

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School of Management

Program Overview

Kettering University’s Technical Master of Business Administration (TECH MBA) provides graduates of STEM undergraduate degree programs with a stimulating on-campus educational experience that is at the intersection of contemporary business and cutting edge technical fields. The STEM-designated program prepares graduates who can be ambidextrous with business and technology in leading organizations both as technology experts and digital value creators while competing in an economy characterized by disruptive innovations and digital reinvention & reconfiguration. 

The seated 40-credit TECH MBA programs contain seven (28 credits hours) core business courses with an additional three graduate elective courses (12 credits hours) in a specific technical emphasis area among the options listed below:  

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Mobility
  • Advanced Manufacturing        
  • Data Analytics and Big Data
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • New Energy and Sustainability
  • Systems Engineering
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Students may select a management internship course as part of the core program and may start the program in any term. Elective course selections in technical emphasis areas must be approved by the Department Head of the department where the course is offered, the Advisor in the School of Management, and the Dean of the Graduate School. 



A foundational level of knowledge in critical areas is required prior to beginning the TECH Master of Business Administration program. This foundation helps to ensure that students are prepared to fully engage and succeed in the coursework associated with graduate programs in management. Students must have an undergraduate course in each of the following areas, complete MGMT-510 Foundations of Business, or test out of individual prerequisite courses through self-directed study.

Areas of prerequisite knowledge:

Economics, Managerial Accounting, Statistics, Management, Marketing

Required Courses

ACCT-639Managerial Accounting4
FINC-619Financial Management4
MGMT-629Management Science4
MGMT-639Managing People & Organization4
or BUSN-689 Organizational Behavior
MRKT-679Marketing Management4
MGMT-665Strategic Management4
Choose One4
International Business
Project Management
Internship in Management
Total Credit Hours28

Technical Emphasis Areas

Data Analytics & Big Data12
Choose Three
COMM-601Communicating about Data4
CS-601Programming Methods for Data Science4
CS-641Foundations of Data Science4
CS-651Cloud Computing: Architecture & Applications4
CS-661Database Systems4
CS-665Information Retrieval and Data Mining4
CS-682Machine Learning4
MGMT-623Data Analytics4
MGMT-624Data Visualization4
MGMT-625Digital Strategy and Competitive Advantage4
MATH-627Probability and Stochastic Modeling4
Artificial Intelligence12
CS-601Programming Methods for Data Science4
Choose Two of the Following:
CS-665Information Retrieval and Data Mining4
CS-681Artificial Intelligence4
CS-682Machine Learning4
Advanced Mobility12
Choose Three
CE-642Mobile Robotics4
CE-652Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving4
CE-654Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving4
ECE-610Modeling of Dynamic Systems4
ECE-630Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Automotive Engineering4
ECE-632Automotive Control Systems4
ECE-642Machine Drives for Electric Vehicles4
New Energy & Sustainability12
MECH-426Fuel Cell Science and Engineering4
MECH-427Energy and the Environment4
MECH-428Bio and Renewable Energy4
Material Science & Engineering12
MECH-416Introduction to Finite Element Analysis with Structural Applications4
MECH-482Mechanics and Design Simulation of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials4
MECH-610Mechanics of Materials I: Linear Elasticity4
Advanced Manufacturing12
Choose Three
IME-601IME Principles for Mobility Systems4
IME-603Numerical Control Machining4
IME-608Industrial Robotics4
IME-663Safety & Human Factors4
IME-665Human-Computer Interaction and Interface Design4
Systems Engineering12
CS-601Programming Methods for Data Science4
ECE-610Modeling of Dynamic Systems4
IME-601IME Principles for Mobility Systems4
Logistics/Supply Chain Management12
Choose Three
IME-652Production System Design4
IME-653Tools for Managing the Supply Chain4
IME-654Enterprise Resource Planning4
IME-676Lean Six Sigma4
MGMT-669Supply Chain Management4