Student Records

The Office of the Registrar maintains the students’ permanent academic record, including course registrations, enrollment status and the official transcript. The Registrar’s Office is the point of contact for any required enrollment and degree certifications. As such, it is important that students keep the office current with their permanent mailing address so these services can be provided.

Note: The Registrar’s Office will not discuss the student record with any third party without a written consent from the student.

Address, Phone, and Name Changes

Changes in addresses or phone numbers should be made by the student through Banner Self Service. Changes in addresses and phone numbers can also be made in the Registrar’s Office, Room 3-309 AB.

In order to process a name change, a copy of a government issues photo ID such as a driver’s license and either a marriage license, a Social Security card, or a court order that reflects the new name are necessary. Name changes must be processed through the Registrar’s Office.

Permanent Academic Records

All information, applications, correspondence, etc., involved in admitting and processing the active progress of an admitted student are maintained for five years after the student has last been an active degree-seeking student. After five years, only the student’s attendance dates, academic performance, corporate affiliate, and degree awarded are kept as a permanent record.


A student’s official academic record is your transcript and is maintained by the Registrar’s Office at Kettering University and is normally reflected through a transcript. All requests for transcripts must be in writing and should include the student’s full name (or name used while attending Kettering), Student Identification Number (or last four digits of Social Security number), current daytime telephone number and signature to ensure proper identification of the records requested. The Registrar’s Office will accept this written permission in person, by fax 810-762-9836, scan/email, or by US mail. There is no charge for transcripts. Official transcripts will not be issued to students who fail to meet their financial obligations or agreements with Kettering University. Unofficial transcripts are also available on Banner Self Service.