Lean/Manufacturing Ops (MFGO)

MFGO-601  Globally Integrated Manufacturing Company    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
Integrated overview and introduction to contemporary global manufacturing operations. The focus of this course is the application of attitudes, skills, and knowledge required of managers, supervisors, and team leaders and manufacturing professionals in a cross-functional and cross-cultural manufacturing operation. After a brief historical overview of global, manufacturing, this course covers the following topics: global leadership, cross-cultural business communication, customers-across-continents, empowerment and cross-cultural teamwork, continuous process improvement, manufacturing metrics, policy deployment, ISO and QS 9000, computer integrated manufacturing, process re-engineering, international supply chain management, and theory of constraints. This foundation leads up to a discussion on the lean and agile manufacturing management. Students are required to use the concepts from the class to analyze their own work environment.
Lecture: 3, Lab 0, Other 1

MFGO-619  Six Sigma for Manufacturing    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
Techniques to maximize production efficiency and to maintain control over each step in the process will be examined in this course. The structured problem-solving methodology DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) will provide the framework for the course.
Lecture: 3, Lab 0, Other 1

MFGO-633  Lean Production Systems    4 Credits

Prerequisites: (MFGO-601 and MFGO-619) or (MATH-408 or MGMT-521) and IME-601
Minimum Class Standing: NA
Terms offered: Fall, Spring
This course starts from the discussion of the evolution of the production systems, from craft to mass and to lean production. Principles of systems thinking and business dynamics applied to production systems are also studied. Contemporary lean thinking principles, lean enterprise development, and value stream mapping are studied and used in student projects. Modern enterprise improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Business Process Reengineering are also discussed.
Lecture: 3, Lab 0, Other 1

MFGO-635  Work Analysis for Lean Production Application    4 Credits

Prerequisites: MFGO-633
A critical issue facing most manufacturers of a product is the design of a competitive and low-cost manufacturing operation. In this course, work analysis will consist of the application of process analysis, methods improvement, and work measurement and ergonomic techniques to meet the competitive goals of a manufacturing company or office environment. The intent of this course is to survey the basic techniques of methods design, work measurement, business process analysis, and ergonomics. The student will be expected to solve fundamental and open-ended problems encountered during the design, analysis, or operation of a manufacturing facility (or an office) that produces a discrete product (or service).
Lecture: 3, Lab 1, Other 0

MFGO-639  Quality Assurance and Reliability    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
Topics in quality assurance are covered in this course. Specifically, it includes introduction to quality and quality philosophy, statistical methods of quality improvement, concept of variation and its reduction, statistical process control, and acceptance sampling. Statistical software such as MINITAB is used throughout the course.
Lecture: 3, Lab 0, Other 1

MFGO-649  Metrics for Lean Production Improvement    4 Credits

Prerequisites: MFGO-635 or MFGO-639
The manufacturing operations professional will be provided an understanding of the data typically available within a manufacturing environment and how to use this information for improving those operations within the lean paradigm. Basic financial accounting, activity based metrics, links to strategy, trend analysis and decision making will be covered. Student teams operate simulated companies in competition with other student teams to gain experience in applying the concepts taught.
Lecture: 3, Lab 0, Other 1

MFGO-659  Integrative Capstone Project    4 Credits

Prerequisites: MFGO-649
The course will establish a business-focused, project-oriented perspective applicable to the integrated manufacturing operating (IMO) environment. Learning about the principles and techniques that are within the discipline of Project Management will involve a focus on the body of knowledge recognized by the Project Management Institute. The IMO environment will be the basis for projects by student teams as they integrate their knowledge gained from other courses and professional experience. The project requirement is expected to enable students to apply the Project Management concepts and techniques learned in the class. In summary, this course will assist the students to become knowledgeable about and practice Project Management, its applications, and limitations.
Lecture: 3, Lab 0, Other 1