Academic Catalog

Integrated Learning Exp (CILE)

CILE-101  First Year Foundations    1 Credits

Prerequisites: None
Critical information will be provided on personal, academic and professional development for first-year students. Class discussions will support student engagement in the Kettering community, help make important connections for students to develop a sense of self-governance, and set a foundation for both critical thinking and reflective learning mindset. Students will learn to interact in the academic and cooperative work environments successfully. Mentoring and interaction with the instructors will provide support and guidance for students to be fully integrated into Kettering University. Discussions and assignments will enhance student transition and acclimation to Kettering University.
Lecture: 1, Lab 0, Other 0

CILE-400  Culminating Undergraduate Experience: Thesis    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
The Kettering University senior thesis is an individual culminating project (or portion of a project) completed and documented by the Kettering undergraduate student, providing an opportunity for the student to apply academic and experiential learning to a real-world issue. The thesis is guided by the student’s co-op employer or a university research faculty member. This project is completed over a two to three term period at the co-op workplace and/or on campus.
Lecture: 0, Lab 0, Other 0

CILE-490  Multidisciplinary Capstone    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
Minimum Class Standing: Senior 1
This course challenges multidisciplinary teams of students to integrate and synthesize general engineering and/pr science knowledge in a comprehensive design experience focusing on a project with direct application to a real world, open-ended problem. This course fulfills the requirement of a student's degree department Senior (Engineering) Design/Capstone, Technical Elective or Free Elective.
Lecture: 4, Lab 0, Other 0

CILE-499  On-Campus Experiential Learning    1 Credits

Prerequisites: None
The purpose of this one-credit course is to allow a student to earn credit for extraordinary and outstanding contribution to an on-campus experiential learning opportunity through an extracurricular activity. The following requirements/limitations apply: 1) This course is not to be used as an independent/self-directed study for an individual student; credit may be given for outstanding contribution to an extra-curricular endeavor that involve an established (or emerging) student group/organization operating under the supervision of a project/activity advisor; 2) Registration is by an application form approved by the project/activity advisor and their respective department supervisor (e.g. faculty advisor and their department head); 3)Application should state the desired course title (default: On-Campus Experiential Learning), the designated course instructor (i.e. project advisor), a description of the activity, and a set of criteria that establish the standard for outstanding contribution; 4) A student may apply for a maximum of one (1) CILE-499 credit per term; 5) A maximum of four (4) CILE-499 credits may be counted as “free-elective” credits toward graduation requirements; 6) Grading is based on S/U as assigned by the project/activity advisor in accordance with the criteria stated on the application form.
Lecture: 0, Lab 0, Other 0