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BS/Master Pathway

BS/Master Pathway

This option is available to Kettering University undergraduate students entering any Kettering University graduate program, either residential or online.

Kettering University undergraduate students interested in graduate study may elect to apply to the BS/ Master Pathway which provides students an opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree while earning credit towards a graduate degree. This program is only available to Kettering University undergraduate students and leverages Kettering University’s premier academic programs. Students who are admitted into the BS/Master Pathway will complete the same total number of Co-op work terms as conventional undergraduate students.

  • Students can apply before graduating (after completing 120 undergraduate credit hours) or within four (4) years of obtaining their baccalaureate degree.
  • The student completes the baccalaureate degree, with the traditional undergraduate thesis, and receives the degree at the conventional time.
  • Up to 12 credits, of 400*or 500 level courses completed as an undergraduate, and for which a grade of B or better was earned, are also applied to the graduate degree. (Undergraduate capstone courses are not eligible.) (*400 level courses must be part of an approved 400/600 course offering.)
  • 28 credits remain to meet the Graduation Requirement of 40 graduate credits for a degree (or 30 graduate credits for the Master of Engineering degree). 

Grade Requirements for Admission to BS/Master Pathway

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. Students with a GPA below 3.0 may be considered on an individual basis. The degree granting department will determine acceptance.

Other Requirements

  • Both part-time and full-time students may qualify for this program.
  • This program is only available to students who will receive (or have received) a Kettering University bachelor’s degree.

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