Academic Catalog

Certificate Programs

Kettering University has designed a set of graduate certificate programs for students who want to update their skill set in a new area of study. For students who do not currently possess a graduate degree, a graduate certificate can be the beginning of work towards a master’s degree.  For students who already hold a master’s degree, a certificate program can provide graduate-level education in an additional area of concentration. 

Students must meet admission requirements for a graduate program to be accepted to take courses for a graduate certificate. All graduate certificates require a minimum of three graduate level courses.  For those students completing a master’s degree in the School of Management, one of the certificates must be completed as part of the required curriculum. Certificates can also be taken on their own as long as a student qualifies to be admitted to one of the master’s degree programs. 

Undergraduate students who complete a course that is included in the graduate certificate may count a maximum of two of these courses toward completion of the certificate.  However, students must meet the criteria for BSBA or BSM/BS/MBA or BS/MS to count the course toward a graduate degree.  If a student does not meet the BSBA or BSM /BS/MBA or BS/MS criteria, the student will be required to complete all graduate work for that particular degree.  (Note: Currently a student who does not qualify for the BSBAor BSM/BS/MBA or BS/MS and has courses that would count is required to complete the full 40 credit hours of the curriculum for the degree).

Graduate certificate programs are subject to the graduate tuition rate.  Students may take the classes through on-campus or online learning offerings as available.  (Note: The exception may be undergraduate Kettering students who might take the classes for either graduate or undergraduate credit, in which case these students pay the undergraduate tuition rate).