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Academic Terms

KUO operates eight starts a year for 7 week courses, four starts a year for 9 week courses and 4 starts a year for 12 week courses.

Questions: Contact the Kettering Global Office or your professional advisor.

Auditing a Course

Auditing of courses offered through Kettering University Online is not allowed.

Enrollment Status/Verification

Enrollment verification may be obtained through the Office of the Registrar. Enrollment verification confirm a student’s enrollment status (full-time, half-time, less than half-time) and expected graduation date. Listed below are the enrollment statuses at Kettering University:

Enrollment Status

8 or more credits in a 12 week period = Full Time
4-7 credits in a 12 week period = Half Time
1-3 credits = Less Than Half Time

Questions: Contact the Office of the Registrar

Graduate Program Extension Policy

Taking an extended completion time to finish a degree is costly to both students and the University, for a variety of reasons.  Indeed, timely progress is a sign of intellectual vigor, competence and commitment.  Therefore, students have up to six years to complete all requirements for the Master’s degree at Kettering University. If a student cannot complete the degree within the six-year time limit, they must request an extension.  To be considered eligible for a time extension, the student must 1) demonstrate satisfactory progress towards the completion of the degree and 2) receive endorsement or approval from the VP for Kettering Global and/or the Department Head.  
Items that must be addressed on the Time Extension Request include:
The reasons for the request.
An explanation of how the student’s circumstances have changed to enable them to complete the degree now.
An agreed upon plan and timeline for completion of the degree.
If approved, the student must complete the program requirements as outlined on the approved Program Time Extension form.  During the extension, the student must meet with the Professional Advisor or VP Kettering Global periodically to ensure that adequate progress towards degree completion is being maintained.
Appeal Process
If the VP for Kettering Global and/or Department Head will not approve a request for extension, the student may appeal to the Graduate School.   In such cases, the Graduate Dean will confer with the Graduate Council to examine the extension request.  If the Graduate School is not able to approve the request, the student may make a final appeal to the Provost.


KUO students meet with their Professional Advisor who will facilitate registration for all courses. Students may register for at least two terms at a time.

Students registered for courses will receive an email notification from the Student Accounts Office to their Kettering email account with instructions on how to log into Banner Web to retrieve their official invoice.  This invoice will confirm enrollment and denote the required tuition.  Detailed payment information will be in the email and on the invoice.  Payments can be made online or by mail.

Curricula Restrictions

A student may elect no more than two (2) courses numbered below 600-level to count toward their Master’s degree.

Questions: Contact the program advisor

Dropping a Course

Please note that the first week of all courses, while part of the course, is a preview week. During preview week assignments are not due except for Capstone courses but students should use this time to buy books, begin required reading and gain a course overview. Student must drop courses by Wednesday of preview week by 11:59 pm ET via email to their advisor to receive a full refund. Any drops after this date will be required to pay the tuition in full.

University Withdrawal

Withdrawing from the University requires a written request to the Office of the Registrar at with a copy to the Kettering Global offices.

Withdrawing from Courses

Students may withdraw from courses up to the Sunday (11:59 pm ET) before the final week of courses. For seven week courses this is the Sunday before Week 6 and for nine week courses it is the Sunday before Week 8 begins and for twelve week courses it is the Sunday before Week 11 begins.  All students who withdraw must pay for the course in full. 

Withdrawal due to Armed Forces Active Duty

Students may withdraw from the University and receive a 100% tuition refund upon presenting to the Registrar, the original Armed Forces orders. Non-punitive grades of W will be issued. Should the call to duty come during eighth week or later, in the judgment of the instructor and the student, incompletes may be given with no reimbursement of tuition. Coursework then would be completed per arrangements agreed upon by the instructor and student.

Questions: Contact the Office of the Registrar

Repeating a Course

A graduate student who receives a failing grade in a required course must retake the course next. If the student is unable to retake  the course immediately due to scheduling issues, the student may request special permission from the VP Kettering Global to take one other classes; keeping in mind the Graduate School GPA requirements.  Should the student fail the same course twice, they must appeal in writing to the Graduate Appeal Committee to retake the course for a third and final time.  The decision of the Graduate Appeal Committee will be final. 

The option to retake a failed required course can only be utilized for one course requirement in a degree program.  Students who fail a course and then subsequently fail another different course will be dismissed from the program.

Graduate students may also retake courses in which they have not met the scholastic standards of Kettering University's Graduate School (earned a grade lower than a B-).

Students electing to repeat a course will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Students planning to repeat a course in which they received a grade above "F " should consult with the Financial Aid or their company as the repeated course may not be eligible for scholarship or tuition support
  • Courses taken for undergraduate credit at Kettering University may not be repeated at the graduate level.  Furthermore, Kettering undergraduate courses cannot be counted as graduate credit except as approved per the Accelerated Master's Option policy guidelines
  • Courses taken after degree conferral cannot be used for a GPA adjustment
  • Once a repeated course has been passed satisfactorily the most recent passing grade for that course will be used to calculate the student’s cumulative GPA
  • Course withdrawals (W grade), incomplete courses (I grade), and courses completed as Credit/No Credit (CR/NC grades) are not eligible for the GPA adjustment
  • A student’s grade in the original course may not be a result of academic misconduct as documented through the Office of Student Affairs
  • All occurrences of the course along with associated grades will remain on the student’s academic record as well as on the official transcript

Transfer Credit

The maximum number of graduate credits for which a person may receive transfer credit is eight (8) credit hours. Credit is considered for transfer for classes with grades of B or better. All requests for transfer credit should be for graduate-level  courses (taken for graduate credit) significantly similar to a specific course within the student’s program.

To apply for transfer credit, the student must complete an Application for Transfer Credit Form and furnish an official transcript from an accredited institution, plus a course description and syllabus. There is a processing fee of $5.00 (U.S.) per credit hour for transfer credit (i.e., the processing fee to transfer a 4-credit course is $20.00).

Questions: Contact the Kettering Global office