Academic Catalog

Engineering (ENGR)

ENGR-693  Internship in Engineering    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
Guided professional practicum experience for on-campus graduate students serving as an extension of the curriculum that facilitates the development of knowledge and skills in the application of theory to real-world problems in a non-classroom setting. This experiential learning engagement builds upon, applies, and assesses the concepts that are developed through the curriculum and advances the student's professional growth through a meaningful real-world job experience. The internship should be substantial and practical, including analysis, evaluation, and application of engineering concepts. At least 240 clock hours of on-site work over the term are required for four credit hours. Requires prior approval of the organization in which the internship will be done by the Dean of the College of Engineering and appropriate review and approval of the specific experience gained. Four-credit hour enrollments in this course will be considered as full-time status. The course can be repeated a second time, however, it will not count toward degree completion once four credit hours are earned. Internships are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis, to be entered by the Dean upon the student's completion of all internship requirements.
Lecture: 0, Lab 0, Other 0