Academic Catalog

Pre-Law Minor

Liberal Studies Department

Total Required Credits:  16

The Liberal Studies minor in Pre-law allows students to take courses related to four learning objectives that are described below.  Students select four courses representing at least three of these objectives. Select courses from at least two different disciplines across these objectives. The disciplines include history, philosophy, literature, sociology and communication. "Topics" courses (e.g. SOC-391) may also apply. 

  1. Achieve an understanding of international institutions and issues, of world events, and of the increasing interdependence of the nations and communities of the world.
    HIST-306International Relations4
    HIST-308America and the World4
    HIST-320Modern Middle East4
    HIST-322Africa in the World Economy4
  2. Achieve an understanding of
    1. the development of political thought and/or
    2. political and legal systems.
      LIT-304American Literature and Philosophy4
      PHIL-378Moral and Ethical Philosophy4
  3. Achieve an understanding of human behavior and social interaction with particular emphasis on understanding diverse cultures within and beyond the U.S
    LIT-309The Literature of Multicultural America4
    LIT-310African American Literature4
    LIT-311Literatures of the African Diaspora4
    SOC-337Religion in Society4
    SSCI-314Technology and Sustainable Development4
    SSCI-398Social Science Study Abroad Advanced Topics4
  4. Achieve an understanding of effective and ineffective practices in human communication
    COMM-311Rhetorical Principles of Persuasion4
    COMM-313Rhetorical Principles of Public Speaking4

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