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LS-489  Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues    4 Credits

Prerequisites: COMM-101 and COMM-301 and ECON-201 and HUMN-201 and SSCI-201 and (ART-305 or COMM-311 or COMM-313 or HUMN-362 or HUMN-364 or HUMN-365 or HUMN-391 or LIT-304 or LIT-307 or LIT-309 or LIT-310 or LIT-311 or LIT-315 or LIT-317 or LIT-319 or LIT-351 or LIT-372 or LIT-374 or LIT-379 or PHIL-373 or PHIL-378 or ECON-342 or ECON-344 or ECON-346 or ECON-348 or ECON-350 or HIST-306 or HIST-308 or HIST-310 or HIST-312 or HIST-316 or HIST-320 or HIST-322 or SOC-332 or SOC-335 or SOC-336 or SOC-337 or SOC-338 or SSCI-391 or SSCI-314 or SSCI-398 or COMM-391 or LIT-391 or PHIL-391 or ECON-391 or HIST-391 or SOC-391 or SSCI-499 or ECON-352 or HUMN-360)
Minimum Class Standing: Senior
Terms Offered: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
The interrelated subjects of leadership, ethics and contemporary issues will be examined. Because it is a culmination of their general education, students in this course use the methods and perspectives learned in the preceding general education courses. After examining general theoretical approaches through a common text, the course will involve three “case studies” with suitable assigned readings. One case study will focus on a corporation in order to illustrate leadership, ethics and contemporary issues; a second will focus on a person in order to illustrate leadership, ethics, and contemporary issues; the third will focus on an important modern episode, event or condition that exemplifies issues of ethics and leadership.
Lecture: 4, Lab 0, Other 0