MS in Lean Manufacturing

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Program Overview

The Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing program concentrates on the key elements of lean agile manufacturing operations. Students in this program can expect to complete in-depth studies of systems, processes and practices in manufacturing facilities. This discipline gives students exposure to many elements of manufacturing including lean production systems, work analysis, materials handling, quality systems, manufacturing and management metrics, as well as cutting-edge practices such as lean and agile manufacturing. The degree aims to enhance the student’s technical skills with lean methodology and analysis techniques as well as management skills to complement their technical ability, enabling the student to take a broader perspective on the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Program Educational Objective

  • Develop and implement lean and competitive manufacturing facilities
  • Apply appropriate quality systems tools
  • Implement and evaluate suitable production control systems
  • Identify and implement the requirements of a successful supply chain
  • Develop a skill set to identify and manage ‘change’ effectively

Program Outcomes

The program is intended for individuals in manufacturing who aspire to have a more comprehensive knowledge in lean and agile manufacturing operations and practices. Graduates of this program can expect to possess a thorough understanding of manufacturing methods, analytical methods to make decisions within a manufacturing facility, and innovation skills to adapt to changes within the global/cross-cultural environment. This program does not require a thesis.


An undergraduate course in statistics is required as a prerequisite to taking courses in the Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing program.  For those students who do not have an undergraduate course in statistics, MGMT-522 Business Statistics is offered online to provide foundational understanding. The foundation in statistics is intended to prepare students to effectively participate and succeed in the coursework involved in this program.

Program Curriculum Requirements

Completion of 40 credits as follows:

Required Courses
MFGO-601Globally Integrated Manufacturing Company4
MFGO-619Six Sigma for Manufacturing4
MFGO-633Lean Production Systems4
MFGO-635Work Analysis for Lean Production Application4
MFGO-639Quality Assurance and Reliability4
MFGO-649Metrics for Lean Production Improvement4
MFGO-659Integrative Capstone Project4
Select three 4-credit courses in one of the Certificates listed below.12
Total Credit Hours40

Global Leadership Certificate

BUSN-689Organizational Behavior4
MGMT-649Ethics and Leadership4
Total Credit Hours12

Operations Management Certificate

IME-676Lean Six Sigma4
MGMT-609Technology Management4
MGMT-619Project and Change Management4
Total Credit Hours12

Supply Chain and ERP Certificate

IME-652Designing Value in the Supply Chain4
IME-654Enterprise Resource Planning4
MGMT-669Supply Chain Operations4
Total Credit Hours12

Healthcare Management Certificate

IME-656Engineering for Healthcare Systems4
IME-676Lean Six Sigma4
or MGMT-669 Supply Chain Operations
HMGT-609Healthcare Management4
Total Credit Hours12