Culminating Ugrad Exper. (CUE)

CUE-490  Interdisciplinary Capstone Content    4 Credits

Prerequisites: None
Minimum Class Standing: Senior 1
Terms Offered: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
The course can be in lieu of the students degree department Senior Design/Capstone, Technical or Free Elective Course. It challenges students to integrate and synthesize general engineering knowledge into creative solving of real world, open-ended problems via projects in a team setting. This course is especially designed for those students whose interests and abilities lie at the interface between engineering disciplines, or are between engineering and other disciplines. This course will be of value to those students who are likely to assume a leadership role in industries that are increasingly interdisciplinary. This course requires students of the highest caliber and is very challenging in order to achieve a successful outcome that can be incorporated into an external organizations operational profile. One or more projects are initiated and completed with industry and business organizations from the city of Flint and the surrounding area, involving realistic design problems with multiple constraints and requiring the application of technologically-current engineering standards. These community-based projects are expected to have a considerable contribution to the community vitality.
Lecture: 4, Lab 0, Other 0