Bioinformatics (BINF)

BINF-310  Introduction to Bioinformatics    4 Credits

Prerequisites: CS-102 and BIOL-241 and BIOL-242
Terms Offered: Summer, Fall
Bioinformatics will introduce students to the analysis of genetic sequences. Genetic information derived from the human genome project and other model systems will be presented. Lectures will discuss basic algorithmic techniques using available computational tools for extracting biological information from nucleotide and protein sequences. Bioinformatics software will be used to demonstrate how to manage, search and analyze genetic sequences.
Lecture: 4, Lab 2, Other 0

BINF-490  Bioinformatics Capstone    4 Credits

Prerequisites: BINF-310 and CHEM-351 and CHEM-352 and CS-465
Minimum Class Standing: Senior
Terms Offered: As needed
This course involves a comprehensive design experience focusing on a project in computational biology. As part of the course, students will work in groups to design, build, implement, and test software packages to solve relevant computational problems in biological systems.
Lecture: 2, Lab 4, Other 0